Sunday, July 3, 2011

Jan And Dean - Meet Batman - #25

Jan And Dean - Meet Batman

Just recently I've bought this reissue of an old 1966 LP. Although I'm not the surfin' kind of type, everything Batman catches my attention. And I just can't leave my hands off an LP with such a sleeve. The dynamic duo in full action. The item is a "concept" album that matches the 60's television series, that is to say, over the top comic sketches (as Captain Jan and Dean, the boy blunder), although, I could image, that this is a bit tiresome, when you've heard the LP for the umpteenth time. But you don't have to have it on heavy rotation.

The music is typical Jan and Dean surf fare. So, here's to Batman and Robin and all the villains in Gotham City. May the bat signal shine on you!



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