Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sheena & The Rokkets - #29

Sheena & The Rokkets

Well known because of their collaborations with Wilko Johnson, but otherwise not a household name in this part of the world. Outrageous and sometime hilarious, Sheena & The Rokkets are a fantastic band from Japan. I believe, they're overdoing their act on purpose. They seem to have an idea what Rock'n'Roll is all about and they try to transfer it to Japan. Maybe I'm reading this completetely wrong, but it's the impression I get from watching their videos. Here's one, in which they are a bit too polished. Normally, the band is rougher, not in a punk way of style, just grittier. And I can't remember to have seen any footage with a brass section.

Certainly, the "London Sessions #1 and #2" (which are really credited to Makoto Auykawa, but featuring Sheena as  well as the Wilko Johnson Band) are the items to look out for the Wilko Johnson Fan. But there's more stuff like the "Dream Box", a fantastic set of CDs and a DVD (and also featuring some Wilko Johnson). But really, you can't go wrong with any of their numerous releases, even those without Wilko's participation. Just have a look around on their website at



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