Monday, February 6, 2012

Art 314 - Same - #65

Art 314 - Same

Finally, I made it. Another hole in my collection nicely filled. For those of you who don't know, this is the band, whose selftitled LP was produced by none other than Mr. Lee Brilleaux. I'm not sure wether Art 314 were from France or Belgium. Either one of those. There's even one song "Gun-Shots" co-credited to Lee Brilleaux. I believe the story how Dr, Feelgood's singer came about to produce this release is a bit hazy to say the least. I haven't seen it explained properly anywhere. Maybe he was just being asked and with some spare time on his hands, he might as well "produce" this album. Not that I believe for a second, that this was a proper production job.

If you are a diehard Dr. Feelgood fan, by all means, buy the LP (as far as I know, this is not available on CD), but don't expect to hear the influence of Lee Brilleaux (well, maybe you do a bit on "Stop Breaking Down"), But truth be told, this is a rather average piece of vinyl you are holding in your hands. You want this in your collection only because of the Dr. Feelgood connection. Released on Black Bird records DKF 3900 (France).




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