Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pax - Same - #66

Pax - Same

A band from Peru sailing under the progrock flag, but this really has more of a hardrock leaning, although I admit, there is some fiddling and at times it gets all a bit much, with all the "serious" playing. I only managed to buy a counterfeit copy and I'm not even sure there's a legit release around. I've found another CD (named "Dark Rose") that looks as suspicious as this one here. The latter having less tracks and a completely different playing order.

The album (plus seven bonus tracks, among them covers of "Smoke Of(!) The Water" and "Radar Love") is actually quite good and enjoyable if, yes, if it wasn't for the sound, which is substandard, to say it as nice as possible. The songs have probably been lifted from a vinyl copy and "cleaned" from pops and clicks with all that the audio software could manage to throw at the computer. This makes for a very dull sound, so more or less there are no higher registers. Everything sounds like ten very heavy curtains hanging before your speakers.

The band (who, btw, recorded this album in 1970) is apparently one of only two hardrockbands coming from Peru during the early 70's, the other being Tarkus (their album can be bought as legit re-releases on LP or CD). I would recommend both combos, but for soundquality, I'd turn to Tarkus at any time.



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  1. tracks:
    Firefly, Resurrection of the Sun, Smoke on the Water, Exorcism, Dark Rose, Radar Love, Mr. Skin, Storyless Junkie, Sittin'on my Head, Deep Death, Pin Pen Boogie, Rock an'Ball
    (This CD is a compilation. The original Pax album Dark Rose recorded and release in 1970 on Peruvian-Vinyl did not contain
    the song Radar Love, recorded in 1974)
    Countries: Peru, US, Japan
    Year: 1997
    CD: Lazarus Audio CD-2002
    CD: Small Treasure Records STCD-015 (Japan)

    Check the also the site http://www.radar-love.net/ for the cover versions from "Radar Love" from the Dutch band Golden Earring.