Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Jimmy Keith & His Shocky Horrors - Hey Rock'n'Roll - #63

Jimmy Keith & His Shocky Horrors - Hey Rock'n'Roll

These guys have definitely a leaning towards Punk. Although I don't class them in this genre, but each to his/her own. I believe they see themselves more in the Rock'n'Roll lane. Hard, fast and with a no prisoner taken attitude. They have released quite a number of records (on CD or LP - even some on 7" vĂ®nyl), and you can't go much wrong if you happen to like good Rock music. I have to admit, I came by this CD just recently and only because I was checking some auction platform on the internet for Lee Brilleaux. And it did net me this very fine disc.

Nine tracks, each and every one of them (more or less) a Rock'n'Roll/Rock classic. I would have bought this CD anyway, but the whole thing is "dedicated to the memory of Lee Brilleaux". Well, that's enough for any Dr Feelgood fan to get a copy of this beauty. There's only one song from the Dr Feelgood oeuvre on offer here, naturally, this is "Milk And Alcohol". The minialbum clocks in at just under twenty minutes. All are speeded up coverversions and the likes of Me And The Gimme Gimme's need to take a backseat. Especially interesting are the songs "Living Next Door To Alice" and "Stand By Me". "Maybelline" (Chuck Berry original) is a bit off, but not bad at all. Thinking about it, everything is a bit off.

This has been released way back in 1995 on Tug Rec LC 7376. 



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