Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ace Of Cups - It's Bad For You But Buy It! - #62

Ace Of Cups - It's Bad For You But Buy It!

It seems like these days everyone and their dogs release a CD of some long forgotten "gem" out of the deepest sixties. Let me tell you, some of this stuff should have remained where it sat undisturbed for decades. And some of it is rightly restored and brought to the public's attention. I'm afraid, this release is not something of the latter. Apparently, this all female band never released anything during their lifetime more than fourty years ago.

The reason I bought this CD recently, was, because of my interest in all female rockbands. This is a niche I'm collecting, although not religiously. When something catches my attention, here I am. However it's a great mistake to think that everything out of the 60s is great in terms of artistic value. The tracks on offer here are not fully produced studio items, but demos and/or live recordings. And the booklet tells you to just judge the music behind the apparent shortcomings of the sound. Well, that's the least of your worries. Actually, I've heard worse and normally I can deal with it. Passed!

But, this band doesn't know what they're doing. The Ace Of Cups are just one step up from The Shaggs (barely), without having the fun factor of the latter. Usually, when something is really really bad, it's over the top and fits nicely into the weird and strange category. From what I've heard on this CD, the girls/women can't play their instruments, can't sing, can't carry a tune. They were a fixture of the late 1960's San Francisco psychedelic ballrooms, as the booklet claims? Lucky me, I wasn't there when this happened. And what's more, on their website, they threaten us with another CD release coming up. Will I bother to buy it? You bet I will. Never sounded an album title truer than this one. Here's their website



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