Saturday, January 14, 2012

Rocktigers - #60


Being somewhat of a longtime Far East rockfan, at least since the middle/end of the eighties, via their noise/avantgarde scene, my interest in music from this part of the world has since gone over to genres such as Rock'n'Roll, Rockabilly, Blues and Punk. There's some excellent stuff to be discovered there. However, most bands don't make it halfway around the world. Combos like's or Shonen Knife being an exception. But thanks to the internet, their scene is only a mouse click away.

The Rocktigers were completely unknown to me, until I practically fell over some blog, dealing with all matters (musically) from Japan. But I believe the Rocktigers are not from the land of the rising sun, but they are rather a Korean orchestra. This is a female fronted band charting Rockabilly waters. It's not for the fan seeking the authentic genre, as they sound much to modern to be a copycat outfit of some 50's sound (and be prepared to hear all vocals in their native language). I could only manage to get a hold of their CD release "Rockabilly Coasters", and this is somewhat of an EP, what with the total of all of 6 tracks clocking in well below this side of twenty minutes. They do have a website at, check it out. Cheers Devon

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