Wednesday, January 18, 2012

After Shave - Skin Deep - #61

After Shave - Skin Deep

There you are, thinking you'd know a fair bit about the Rock scene in your own native country and just by chance you happen to fall over some CD with the not so great title "After Shave - Skin Deep" and you suddenly realise, that you have not the faintest idea what had been going on around you for the last couple of decades. And you're going to light a row of candles next time you see a church, just because you feel guilty, having missed another great band.

After Shave have rereleased their 1972 album "Skin Deep" on CD via Stateside label Rockadrome. While the band is not reinventing music, this is a fine powertrio and you can hear the influence bands like Cream have had on these lads. Typical trio fare, somewhere between Blues- and Hardrock, vintage style. But as lesser combos just cover songs of their idols, After Shave went one step further and wrote all of the songs on album on their own. Here are the nine original tracks from "Skin Deep" plus five bonus ones. There's even a website at



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