Monday, December 2, 2013

Live At Rockpalast - CD/DVD Series - #152

Live At Rockpalast - CD/DVD Series

Repertoire has released a number of very interesting CD/DVD combinations in their "Live At Rockpalast" series. You can already find sets with the Blues Band, Mickey Jupp or the Climax Blues Band in the shops. Upcoming releases are for Dr. Feelgood and Rockpile.

Rockpalast being, of course, the cult TV show on German station WDR, which brought a lot of Rock and Blues bands in a live setting. Now we'll have to wait and see, wether they will release the Wilko Johnson one as well. The sets are very affordable (doesn't cost more than a single CD).




  1. Ordered last week Wilko Johnson and Rockpile.
    So Dr. Feelgood wll be the next one.

  2. I´ve just received the Feelgoods and Rockpile sets. Surprisingly, the sound of the Rockpile CD is nasty. Shame!!

    Greetings from Spain