Sunday, December 15, 2013

The World According To Wilko Johnson - Classic Rock, Issue 192, January 2014 - #153

The World According To Wilko Johnson - Classic Rock, Issue 192, January 2014

Normally I buy very few music magazines at the end/beginning of a year, as they all tend to go the same cheap route, reheating all the "news" that I've read already anyway during the last eleven months. There's nothing as boring as the combined music journalism at the close of a year. English as well as American and German magazines don't give themselves an inch of ground. A waste of time and money really, check your local newsstand again in February.

This is, until a six pager turns up which is entitled "The World According To Wilko Johnson" plus a few additional pictures distributed within issue #192 of Classic Rock Magazine. Then, without a doubt, even one of the retrospective journals has to be bought. I've never, in all those years, read so many articles (and substantial ones at that) about our man, than in 2013.

Which brings up another gripe I have with the magazine industry. Although Wilko is mentioned at length in about every major publication in the U.K., I've yet to see the even tiniest morcel of information in a German or French music magazine. I checked about the whole range of them, at least, the ones that are available at major local newsstands, but came out flat, zero, nada, niente. I did have an idea before that, that Mr. Johnson was not quite fashionable around here, but this is overdoing it. However, sporting the Beatles/Rolling Stones/Queen on the cover for the umpteenth rehashing of their achievements, seems to be the kind of music journalism that's en vogue in Germany and France.



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