Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Imelda May - Tribal - #169

Imelda May - Tribal

A new CD by the Irish Rockabilly singer is always welcome. Especially since it's been a while since the last album was thrown ioto the market. Actually, I wanted to wait for the vinyl release that's coming out at the beginning of August, but the CD was in the racks of a local record store and I still can, and probably will, buy the two versions. Just one word, Imelda, if you're thinking again about re-issuing the same album in a fortnight with a few additional songs tucked to the original album, forget it! You did this before and this is nothing but scalping your fans.

I've read a few reviews re this CD and what can I say, around 70% are negative, starting with the songs not being up to scratch and moving over to the loudness war and the awful mix for the MP3 generation and extremely bad sound on this offering. Sometimes even guessing that this is a radio friendly mix. Bollocks! The album sounds excellent on my stereo and the songs are what I'd expect from Imelda May. No idea where some folks got their opinion about a wall of noise from (they must listen on equipment I wouldn't touch with a pole). The tracks are well crafted and leave nothing to be desired.

Having said that, I'm still very interested to hear the vinyl version in August, actually expecting the same mix, but who knows. There're a few ballads on offer, which she delivers extremely well. As always, I have to add. But there's also the Rockabilly bit, of which there's no shortage. If you're in to listen to a contemporary Rockabilly artist, check the M section at your local dealer. Imelda May doesn't pretend her songs date from the 50's, this is modern stuff, although I do not condemn artists doing it the retro way. It's just so you know.



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