Saturday, June 7, 2014

Wilko Johnson / Roger Daltrey - Going Back Home (7") - #168

Wilko Johnson / Roger Daltrey - Going Back Home (7")

It's the year 2014 and, no, this is not about a village in the Normandy fighting the Romans, we get a Wilko 7". New! Vinyl! Who would have thought? I can't remember when the last regular 7" was issued, but at a guess, it must have been "Red Hot Rockin' Blues" in Japan. That was, well, ages ago. O.K., there was, more recently, the "Help Me Jesus" 7" by the Urban Voodoo Machine featuring Wilko Johnson. Anyway, when this here arrived a few days earlier, I was in paradise.

You might argue that this is exactly the same as can be found on the recent album, but this is not something I'd be paying any attention to. This comes, btw, with a jukebox strip, which had me wondering, does anyone still know what jukeboxes were? You know, those big monsters playing those very same 7"s? Nice touch, but my copy will not end up in my Wurlitzer, which, I suppose, has about a ton of pressure on the needle. I'm not sacrificing a Wilko Johnson release.



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  1. Rare label Parlphone single disc