Saturday, November 23, 2019

Sonny Rollins - Way Out West - Electric Recording Co - No. 216

Sonny Rollins - Way Out West - Electric Recording Co

The last Jazz release by the Electric Recording Co has already been a while back and I started to wonder, wether they are back to release classical records only. But today I've found a piece, in fact, an interview with the owner and founder of ERC where he did mention, that they are working on Sonny Rollins' "Way Out West". Well, that's what I had been waiting for, another Jazz record from the Electric Recording Co and, of course, another milestone in the history of the genre.

Since ERC are using the master tapes from the original recordings, I assume they will mirror the first US release again:

This is a copy of the orginal issue and I'd be very much surprised if the new one didn't come with the Contemporary imprint. Now, saying that ERC is working on the release, doesn't mean it's anywhere near sales status yet. It might be that this one is just around the corner (as ERC is not known to announce catalogue decisions years in advance - unlike, say, AP or MoFi), but it might well carry over into the next year. This is one, where I'm on the edge again. And I need to get me another audiophile copy from a different source. You see, I'm in the habit to look for very decent earlier releases of the ERC records, just to listen to them in sequence, trying to compare what differences there are. Usually very little, but I imagine sometimes that there is a difference, if even on one track only and with a magnifying glass in hand. It's very much about haptics as well as sonics.

Normally I don't do that, as my short term memory doesn't work well with music. But I'm trying with those ERC offers. As a matter of fact, these news are the best I've had since ... not so long ago, I admit. Still, if it wasn't such a cliche, I'd say, I can't wait, but so, I'm not saying it.



Update, February 13, 2020

Release date will be March 6, 2020 and the item is already sold out on the ERC website. You should try your luck with one of the distributors though.

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