Sunday, November 27, 2011

Jimmy Virani - Is Beachcombing In Outer Space - # 51

Jimmy Virani - Is Beachcombing In Outer Space

I don't know why theremin music is always filed in the weird and strange section. Well, in fact I do, I just don't understand it. I suppose it was (and is) always more of a gimmick, in that it's being played without actually touching the instrument. It has usually more to do with a freakshow, than actually music that you listen to, to enjoy it. This here is serious stuff.

What you get here, are nine tracks of Hawai'i standards such as "Beyond The Reef", "Sleepy Lagoon", Hawai'ian Wedding Song" or "Aloha Oe". Now, I have a soft spot for Hawai'ian music anyway, but this is digestable even for people who will not otherwise touch this genre. It came quite as a surprise to me, that a theremin can be played not to represent a cat that's being stepped on the tail. Jimmy Virani is actually playing the music and not trying his hand at avantgarde interpretations of island life. There's some fattening of the sound here with the help of more standard instruments, but overall this is a theremin album. There's nothing to rock or roll you, it's almost an easy listening bit of entertainment and clocks in at just a bit more than thirty minutes. And it has one of the most interesting covers I've seen in a long time. Released on S Car Go (geddit?) Music 001.



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