Monday, November 28, 2011

V/A - Rockabilly Xmas - #52

V/A - Rockabilly Xmas

Tired of Christmas and the standard "Holy Night" and "Jingle Bell" songs? Well, here's one to get your attention. Despite the title, it's not all Rockabilly, but there's a fair share of it to be found amongst the 30 tracks. There's even a "Jingle Bells" version (a good one at that) if you have second thoughts. I believe these tracks to be mostly from the 50's or early 60's. There are no liner notes and the information is a bit thin on the ground, although you get a handful of pictures of the artists and some labels.

A few of these songs are more in the novelty corner. But there's some serious Rock'n'Roll here as well. I've no idea where they've dug up these songs, I just know, I haven't even recognised one of the names on this CD. With regards to sound quality, you have to get used to some tape hiss. However, the listening experience is acceptable and the CD is great fun. Released by the good folks of buffalo bop (Bb - CD 55095).



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