Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wilko Johnson - Ecstacy/Ice On The Motorway 7" - #48

Wilko Johnson - Ecstacy/Ice On The Motorway 7"

One of the most exclusive items in my Wilko Johnson collection is certainly the "Ecstacy/Ice On The Motorway" 7" which was never released commercially, because, as folklore has it, Wilko Johnson was dissatisfied with the final mix. Seems like only a handful of these escaped. Both tracks do sound different to the versions that made it onto LP and CD and they are good ones at that. As far as I know, these mixes never made another appearance.

Here's one side of the label, because most Wilko Johnson fans might not have seen it. And to think of how I came by this beauty ... I'm still grateful that someone thought of me. This is one item I never even thought of laying my hand upon. Dreaming ... yes! But actually owning one copy? If I would have to name the rarest item in my Wilko Johnson collection, this one would take the top spot. Guaranteed!



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