Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Makoto Ayukawa - Ayukawa Size - Part 2- #178

Makoto Ayukawa - Ayukawa Size - Part 2

Makoto Ayukawa (of Sheena & The Rokkets fame - or just the Rokkets) is an over the top Japanese Rock'n'Roller in the true sense of what Dr. Feelgood paved the way for. There are a number of LPs and CDs of the aforementioned in my collection and this is good, clean fun. Very enjoyable. Here we get 3 CDs and 1 DVD consisting of

"Rokket Size" (CD) sans Sheena, well almost, she's making a short appearance only
"London Session #1 and #2" (CDs) which you already have in your collection, no doubt
 "Ayukawa Size Only" (DVD) with four songs a rather short offer

No bonus tracks. BTW, both "London Session" albums have recently been rereleased, so you actually don't need to buy the whole box set, if you're only after those two CDs. Just in case I need to spell it out, those albums feature the Wilko Johnson Band throughout /LS #1/2 only)

There's Wilko Johnson on one track only on the DVD. This is on "Be-Bop-A-Lula", but don't expect any cineastic highlight, it's a nice to have item (well, in fact, for me, this is a must have). Same here, considering that this comes to around EUR 45.00 (plus postage), you want to do some deep thinking, before shelling out this kind of cash. I know, I did (spending the money, not doing any deep thinking). And again, I'm glad I did.



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