Saturday, August 16, 2014

Wilko Johnson - Rhythm n' Ska (EP) - Part 2 - #179

Wilko Johnson - Rhythm n' Ska (EP) - Part 2

Definitely a bootleg. At least judging from the appearance of this slab of wax. No labels, a kind of photocopied oneandhalf foldout sleeve. Comes on brown vinyl and the folks having made up this item don't even know the difference between 33RPM and 45RPM (as both sides play with the latter speed)

Apart from those facts, this is still an EP I wouldn't want to miss out on. As for this being "limited" to 500 copies, you can light your cigar with that statement, this is surely not going to be a future collectible. However. buy it now, when it's still available or be pulled over in a few years time when you're asked to pay ridiculous asking prices on auction platforms.



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