Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wilko Johnson - Rhythm n' Ska (EP) - #176

Wilko Johnson - Rhythm n' Ska (EP)

I saw this EP on the www: Wilko Johnson "Rhythm n' Ska" containing the songs

"Roxette (Live)" (Dr. Feelgood / Old Grey Whistle Test)
"Twenty Yards Behind (Live 1979)" (Wilko Johnson & Solid Senders)
"Dr. Dupree (Live 1979)" (Wilko Johnson & Solid Senders)

It's probably a bootleg ... and now?, I hear you calling. Nothing now, I need it and if it's for the cover alone. Seems to be a 2014 release. Even though it's apparently(!) limited to 500 copies, quite a number of mail orders seem to have this one for sale.



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