Saturday, December 21, 2019

Dynamites - Too Late: The Complete Recordings - Part 2 - No. 223

Dynamites - Too Late: The Complete Recordings - Part 2

Just today the mailman rang twice (only once, in fact) and here I am, owner of the Dynamites box "Too Late: The Complete Recordings". This is all rolled into one: Great haptics, a benchmark in the history of Swiss Beat/Garage of the 60s and especially the Basel area and one item you have to put your false teeth back in, when you try to explain to your grand-grandchildren what the Dynamites meant for the Northwestern part of Switzerland.

And it's bloody value for money on all accounts:

Here's the box plus the gatefold sleeve. Class A+

And here is the booklet (40 pages) with the Dynamites story and lots of pictures (the story is written in English and you only stumble upon German for handbills, posters and the like, which were scanned as is). Plus the two 12"s, of course.

Plus three posters, reprints to give you the full value.

I haven't listened to the records as of now, but the weekend is ahead and I've nothing else lined up, so ...

What you get here is a beautiful item for your hard-earned cash. It might be difficult to find in a record shop near you, but if you're desperate, just let me know and I try to find a reliable source where you can purchase yourself a copy. Maybe there's even a listing on Discogs (haven't seen one yet, but who knows).



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