Thursday, December 12, 2019

Nine Below Zero - Avalanche - No. 222

Nine Below Zero - Avalanche

Quel surprise, NBZ with an all original set of songs on the market! After you thought they had packed it in and released "Best Of"s and endless "Live" ones and not an original idea in sight, there you are, pray for forgiveness and swear, you'll never ever doubt NBZ anymore. O.K., they let you down the last decade or so (well, yes, "13 Shades Of Blue", but I need to exaggerate a bit or I can leave it well be) and then, this here. A dozen new and original tracks on CD and, can we just have fanfares from the tower, please, on LP(!). Bloody hell and high water! NBZ release their new album on vinyl as well, when it's been a digital wasteland with them for around two decades. Well, in fact, it's been a cool 26 years when the band last released anything on vinyl. Get me paint and a ladder, I have to draw a big cross on the ceiling.

And if this wasn't enough to leave you speechless, NBZ throw in another 2 songs in the form of a 7" (not included on the CD).

You can spin this one when the whole familiy is sitting around the Christmas tree and everyone and their dog gets on each others nerves. Of course, I need time to let the music (and the fact that it's been issued) settle, but from what I've heard so far, I have to agree with someone who said, this is NBZ laid back. Not the Phil Collins idea of laid back, but the Nine Below Zero way to do it.

And now, everyone with ten "Hail Marys".



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