Monday, December 30, 2019

Janus - Gravedigger - Original German Harvest - No. 224

Janus - Gravedigger - Original German Harvest

The original Janus "Gravedigger" is a release from Germany (1972) and commands quite a bit of cash if you want to own one, wether pristine condition or not. There's also a legal CD available and ... some counterfeits. I've made myself clear about where I stand with regards to counterfeits (as opposed to bootlegs), but usually it doesn't raise my bloodpressure at all. Except when I see, that folks are being taken advantage of.

Now, this record is a staple in my collection (at least the CD version) for decades and I managed to buy myself an original copy by shelling out the appropriate amount of cash a year or so back. But when I see that some guy is trying to be smart and sells his stuff as the original in the hope that he finds someone who can't tell left from right, this is where it gets my attention:

This here is plain fraud. There never was a coloured original version of this LP (note, that the seller claims this is a 1 (which I read as first) press (pressing).

Also note his sales drivel about how rare this is (you wish!) and how this is supposed to be a collector's item (right and the devil is a squirrel). The nearly EUR 280.00 are a bit on the lower side for a top condition original LP, but way off for a counterfeit item such as the one on offer. Discogs says this:

Sales not allowed! We can discuss the integrity of the Discogs database until the cows come home, but at least they mark something only unofficial if a label or an attorney or whatever has contacted them. But here's another database (where this is marked as bootleg - sorry, they don't know the difference between bootleg and counterfeit -

Now, if you ask me, this counterfeit version is, at a guess, worth maybe all of EUR 20.00 and no change. Don't tell me the seller doesn't know what he's trying to flog off here. Those kind of sellers get on my nerves, can't stand these guys.



P.S,: And btw, this counterfeit is from around 2010 (and not 1972)

P.P.S.: And a happy New Year and all the best in 2020!!!

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