Monday, December 2, 2019

Dynamites- Too Late: The Complete Recordings - No. 220

Dynamites- Too Late: The Complete Recordings

I don't believe I'm jumping the gun here, in fact I held back until now, because there are at least two online shops having this one already listed (with a street date of December 5, 2019). The Dynamites! From Basel! From the 60s! I won't be saying, I never expected this to happen. I didn't! Not even thinking about it, the sheer possibility was exactly nil and I'm not into daydreaming.  I managed to get an almost complete run of their singles and that has to do. Not even wasting a half thought on a new release (as in old) and then, a while back, I was told that something was in the pipeline.

About two weeks ago, another message, stating that the release was due this week. Read on:

Well, friends and neighbours, this is a major, major benchmark in the history of Swiss Beat and Garage out of the 60s and of course something to write home about for everyone who's into that kind of music from, especially, the Basel area. Where does this leave you, you ask! You might reside in London, Chicago, Helsinki, Tokyo or Cairo, it doesn't matter, music is a universal language and even though the Dynamites have written local history only, they will conquer every record collector's shelf (and heart) with this release here.

Jesus Christ on a skateboard, the Dynamites!



P.S.: And talking to shop owners in the area, their excitement is as high as mine's.

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