Saturday, April 4, 2020

Bootlegs And (More) Stuff - No. 231

Bootlegs and (More) Stuff

The Saturday before the lockdown came into effect around here (announced by the government the next day - Sunday), I paid a visit to a record shop (little did I know that it should be my last in-person visit to such a place for the foreseeable future) and bagged me a bunch of Rolling Stones Bootlegs (plus a few "official" LPs - a misnomer if I ever heard one, there's nothing "official" about any record release).

I'm quite into this stuff. Do I listen to it? Hell no! I'm having it up to here (pointing above my head), having listened to, uh, questionable recordings where you can't hear wether it's a steamroller in action, the fast train Hamburg to Paris in a tunnel or the industrial rebuilding of postwar Germany. No, I'm buying this stuff for the collection only and it's stuck there forever.

The Trident Mixes, well, I didn't pay attention, as this is one record only and it should be a double LP. Worse things have happened and I'll get over it.



April  18, 2020
Just realised that this blog has been censored inasmuch as most scans in this number 231 contribution have been deleted. Not sure why, but there you go. The sole survivor can be seen above, but I don't expect this to be here for very long either.

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