Friday, April 24, 2020

flector - Interview With Cedy - No. 234

flector - Interview With Cedy

And here we are, the last installment of the interview series (before a shortened translation comes up). This time it's Cedy, lead guitarist and responsible for some great licks. I hate to admit it, but by listening to recorded flector tracks, sometimes I couldn't make out who is who. Carlo or Cedy, Cedy or Carlo. Glad this has been settled ... sort of.

There are certain telltale signs that make you realize it's either Cedy or Carlo. Just by rereading this interview, it finally dawned on me, but don't ask. I'm telling you anyway. When the guitar opens up to widescreen, it's Cedy. When it gets lyrical and at the same time pompous, it's Cedy. And if it's solid and in the service of the song, you're talking Carlo. But we don't do shootouts, it's about the final result.



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