Saturday, April 4, 2020

flector - Interview with Steve - No. 230

flector - Interview with Steve

Here's the next installment of the ongoing series about flector and the heads behind it. This time it's Steve in his capacity as drummer and percussionist. The funny thing with drummers, they always mention some influence leaning in from the Jazz genre and Steve does so with his mention of Frank Zappa. Makes me think, why do so many drummers have such a bond with Jazz musicians, although probably not with the music itself. Is it the way an instrument is played in Jazz? Ask a Death Metal drummer and don't surprised if he/she mentions Max Roach or Art Blakey.

Well, not for me to say. As with the previous installments, this interview lets you have a glimpse of a band with full bodied statements and something you can sink your teeth into.

I'll have a shortened translation up within the next one or two weeks. Check back.



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