Friday, October 7, 2011

Alice Cooper - Welcome 2 My Nightmare - Part 3 - #40

Alice Cooper - Welcome 2 My Nightmare - Part 2 - #40

I'm not yet sure about this album, but it doesn't represent an Alice Cooper album to me. There are a few good songs, but even those don't seem to belong on a latter day AC LP/CD. Just a tad to many gimmicks, I think. The album is musically really torn and not what one could expect from The Coop in 2011. I would have bet some money, that he was to follow the formula of the last couple of albums, but no, what we get is a bunch of ditties that are more easy listening than anything else and don't know how to spell R-O-C-K! O.K. to listen to when you're in your car and have still a couple of hundred kilometers ahead of you.

I'm still hoping I get it, and I'm not fundamentally against it, but I don't see this as THE highlight as some fans would have this to be. An entertaining album, in some ways, but nothing to write home about. On October 16, 2011 I'll be at the Alice Cooper gig in Winterthur. Actually I wanted to take this CD with me on the road (roundtrip about 300 km) but on 2nd thought, I'd rather pick something else. Probably some bootleg. "Go To Hell" comes to mind.



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