Saturday, October 8, 2011

HeadCat - Walk The Walk ... Talk The Talk - #41

HeadCat - Walk The Walk ... Talk The Talk - #41

A Rockabilly album by the likes of Lemmy Kilmister (Motörhead) and Slim Jim Phantom (ex Stray Cats) with the help of Danny B Harvey is bound to lean more towards Lemmy than any other musician in this setup. Rumble Rockabilly it is, with Lemmy "singing". What works fine for Motörhead is, surprisingly, also fine here. Lemmy's bass pushing everything forward and his vocal style, well, he's just Lemmy. What did you expect? Although Slim Jim and Danny do a good job, they really fall by the wayside. It's a Mr. Kilmister album in disguise. A mellowed down Motörhead affair, you might be tempted to say.

The CD clocks in at just under 28 minutes, which makes me mark this down one notch. Another reason for a slight downgrade is the fact, that only two songs are originals (of which I really don't count "The Eagle Flies On Friday" as such, although they do claim writing credits). Well, I'm almost done with the negative aspects, but there's one more. Really guys, although I rate "Shakin' All Over" as unkaputtbar, you come bloody close to sink this hook, line and sinker. And "Something Else", well, friends and neighbours, I actually do prefer Eddie's version.

Being done with that, I need to say, that the CD is nevertheless a fine entertainment product. This is not going to shake the foundations of the Rock'n'Roll world, but is a welcome addition. An overall rating would be eight out of ten points. The old Cream chestnut "Crossroads", sorry about that, but I almost forgot, is not much of a highlight either. How come I rate this rather high despite having to say so little about it's positive sides? One: It's Lemmy and via his Motörhead dayjob, he has an advantage. Two: The album is fun even with the few negative points thrown in. Three: There's so much b.s. on the market these days, even a halfway decent recording stands out. Go out and buy this from your local record dealer.



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