Sunday, October 30, 2011

Diamond Dogs - It's Most Likely The Diamond Dogs - #46

Diamond Dogs - It's Most Likely The Diamond Dogs

One of the weirder items in my Dr Feelgood/Wilko Johnson collection is this CD by Swedish Rolling Stones wannabes Diamond Dogs. Mind you, it's not a bad album, it rocks, it rolls, they just forgot originality. I can listen to it, without getting rashes on the skin. But there is one outstanding track on this CD though, a ditty called "Wilko Johnson's Eyes".

It's not remarkable in the way that you haven't heard a better song since the beginning of 20th century popular music, but just because our guitar hero is mentioned in a song (and title). Who would have thought? This 2008 release was buried deep inside one of my shelves and only came to light recently again. Is this something of a must have? Definitely yes! If you call yourself a Wilko Johnson fan, then you'll need this.



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