Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Marketing B.S. - #42

Marketing B.S.

I really believe, despite the fact that I'm one of the minority to actually buy LPs and CDs, that the music industry has earned it's downfall. And every cent of it. As a collector, I realise, I'm being had, because I have to shell out my hard earned cash every second week for an apparently "new" release with a "never before heard" mix (not on Shellac anyway)) and this must have "unreleased" track (which translates as the biggest hit of the artist, but this time it's live [the 574th version], recorded in some dive in the hinterland of Afghanistan). I do not shed a tear when the industry whines about the illegal downloading (although I couldn't care less myself) and predicts the end of music in the near future.

Today I've seen an ad for a rerelease of King Crimson's "In The Wake Of Poseidon". I won't bore you to death with the stupidity in their attempt to sell the same product to the public for the umpteenth time. Just wait a few weeks, there'll be another edition round the corner. But what made my day is the following: "Each copy includes unique code for mp3 download of a copy of an original 1970 vinyl pressing". I rest my case. There's absolutely nothing to say about this anymore.



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