Friday, October 14, 2011

Candye Kane - Sister Vagabond - #43

Candye Kane - Sister Vagabond

I welcome each new release from Candye Kane. However, with Mrs Kane, you sometimes get a very polished version of the Blues (and whatever else she fancies at the moment), bordering on Easy Listening. But I do like her for her diversity and I don't carry the Blues police badge anyway. The latest CD features a certain Laura Chavez throughout (on guitar) and this lady has also co-written nine out of the thirteen tracks on offer. The other four being cover versions.

What you can hear, is actually an album that is far grittier than any other Candye Kane release I could name off the top of my head. This is still not the heads down no nonsense mindless Boogie Bluesrock offering, but it gets pretty close (at least compared to other releases of the lady). Wether this is her best album of her career (as some reviewer had it) is open for debate, but it certainly makes for a change. The CD sits easily among her top three releases.

The swingin' bit is not lost, not by a long shot. It's coming through as ordered and there is again this relaxing feeling that most of the songs carry across. Top songwiting as usual and the coverversions are not to be sneered at either. "Sweet Nothin's" (the old Brenda Lee chestnut) is a surprise appearance here. And what an excellent version that is. The CD clocks in at about 45 minutes and is well worth every cent. In case you haven't heard of Candy Kane before (things happen that way), you can't go wrong by choosing this one as your entry into her musical world and then you can work your way backwards to the beginning.

Now, if Mrs Kane would just make a live appearance around here in the foreseeable future? It's been a while since I saw her live on stage.



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